The Pike AIWB

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Now featuring a 1 piece "married" design, the firearm and magazine have been combined for a more secure package to carry both. No more fumbling with 2 separate holsters!

This AIWB holster system is designed to have ultimate adjust-ability for the user. Ride height, Retention and Magazine orientation can all be adjusted by the turn of a couple screws. Every holster will ship with 2 RCS tuckable overhook clips attached to rigid spacers and a RCS Concealment claw attached to tuck the grip of the weapon in towards the body. All of these accessories can used or removed as the user desires. This allows one holster to suit a wide variety of body types.

•Precision Formed
•Adjustable Retention (Mag/Gun)
•Adjustable Ride Height
•Concealment Claw
•Tuckable Clips
•Made in the USA
•Lifetime Warranty