Holster Attachments


IWB (Inside the Waistband)

This style can appear in many forms, and they are all listed here. They are all the same in regards to the foldover style, however the attachment point is what sets them apart. 

1. Quick Clip (Fold Over Mold Injection clip)- 
The standard clip for many IWB and preferred by most due to its easy on/off characteristics. 

3. Dual Loop or Single Loop- 1 or 
2 Soft Loops are affixed to the holster where the FOMI would go. This style is not tucklable- however it is THE MOST SECURE. Recommended for the heavier firearms. 

4. Dual or single RCS(Raven Concealment) Overhook(s)Same benefits as the FOMI, except with the added bonus of being tuckable. It is a sturdy, plastic injected clip.